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Bathroom sink Sink

If water needs to flow properly, the clogs must go. American Rooter has been unblocking and cleaning drains in the Lansing area for 23 years now. Add another dozen years in the industry, and there wouldn't be a blockage that owner Lonnie Crowe wouldn't have seen or fixed.

Effective Drain Cleaning for Your Toughest Clogs

But wait —— American Rooter will unplug even more

Theoretically, plumbing is simple. Water must move easily from Point A to Point B. Think of this — your kid has suddenly flushed a diaper, or has thrown a spoon in the sink while trying to hide the fact that he didn't eat his broccoli, and you've got clogged pipes to fix. While you relax with your little one, we'll clear your pipes.

Available 24 hours


We'll Clear Any Drain, No Matter What's Stuck

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Utility sinks

  • Bathroom sinks

  • Basement floor drains

  • Washer drains

  • Bathtub and shower drains

  • Toilets

  • Garbage disposals

  • Outdoor sewer lines

  • See it for yourself on our camera & monitor, don't take our word for it!